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"How to Drop 2 Dress Sizes in 6 Weeks Without Starvation Dieting or Breaking Your Back in the Gym"

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"I guarantee you'll drop 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks -- or your money back"

Kris Robertson, Fitness Coach and Professional Athlete

As you've observed by just looking around you every day, very few people have a "perfect"

I don't promise to give you a perfect body. I'm not sure such a thing even exists.

But, when you follow the advice I'm about to give you in this short letter, I know you'll be a lot
happier with the body you see in the mirror every day.

Within a few weeks, you'll be trimmer. Firmer. Fitter. And thinner.

In fact, I guarantee you'll drop 2full dress sizes by using my easy home weight-loss system ... in just 6 weeks ... or you pay me nothing.

Featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS

My program, the Four-Hour  Fitness Program, is easy, fun, and you can do it in the privacy of
your own home - no visits to the gym, no personal trainer, no expensive exercise machine, You
can eat dozens of your favorite meals and snack, and it the simple workouts take only a half hour a

National media love the Four-Hour Fitness Program. It's been featured on Fox, NBC, MSNBC,
ABC, CBS, and many other media outlets. As a result demand is skyrocketing, but you can still
join Four-Hour Fitness if you act today.

So where do we start?

Well, as we age, our bodies get further and further from where we'd like them to be.

According to a Women's Heath USA study, more than one out of three American women are

A lot more aren't obese, but they've lost the shape and definition they had in their teens and
twenties, and have packed on pounds they'd like to get rid of.

It's not your fault. Women gain fat as they age. A fit women age 25 has a body fat percentage
between 17 and 19 percent. But a 60-year-old woman whose health is at risk because of her
weight has a body fat percentage between 31 and 34.

And even if you're not fat, I'm guessing there are areas of your body you'd like to flatten, tone,
and firm up: your neck ... your arms ... your stomach ... your butt ... your thighs ... your

Part of the problem is that, despite all the fitness commercials we see on TV featuring gorgeous
young women, on average women exercise less than men. Men are nearly twice as active as
women, getting at least 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Lack of exercise not only makes women flabby and overweight. It's also associated with high
cholesterol, excess abdominal fat, and high blood pressure that can lead to heart disease, stroke,
and type 2 diabetes. Not exercising can also contribute to depression.

A recent study in the UK found that older women who exercise regularly and don't smoke may
have a substantially lower risk of late-life disability than those with less-healthy habits.

The study found that women who never exercised were about twice as likely to get arthritis and
had double the risk of developing problems walking. They were also more likely to develop heart

3 reasons why women avoid the local gym

Obviously that's not the future you want. You want to be healthy, active, and slim. You know
you have to exercise more. So why are you not exercising enough?

You COULD go to the local gym. But I bet there are 3 things stopping you.

First, they're expensive -- especially if you take classes or work with a personal trainer.

Second, you have no privacy. You probably haven't exercised in some time. And maybe you're
embarrassed to be seen in exercise clothes struggling on the machines.

Third, going to the gym takes time you may not have. By the time you travel back and forth,
change, and exercise, you could be looking at 2 hours out of your busy day. Or maybe there's no
gym close to your home.

But what if I said you could get better results than at your local gym ... faster ... without leaving your home?

Even better, you can tone, firm, and sculpt the "problem parts" of your body without buying
expensive exercise machines ... or hiring a personal trainer ... in just 34 minutes a day.

Hi, I'm fitness trainer Kris Robertson, and I've developed a revolutionary new workout program
-- based on my extensive experience as a nutritionist, personal trainer, and professional football

I call it the 4-Hour Fitness Formula -- because you spend only 4 hours a week doing the routines.
For a 7-day week, that comes to 34 minutes a day. You can handle a half-hour of exercise a day,
can't you? Of course you can.

Now let me tell you about some of the advantages of my 4-Hour Fitness Formula and why it
works -- keeping the weight off permanently -- where others fail. . . .

No starvation diets

To begin with, there's no starvation diet. You eat 3 to 5 delicious meals and snacks every day.

You get a free special report, the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Grocery List. Take it to the
supermarket with you whenever you go food shopping. It ensures that you only put healthy foods
. . . foods that won't make you fat ... into your shopping cart and onto your table.

And you won't feel deprived. The Grocery List includes so many of the foods you love.
Including sweet potatoes ... rice (yes, you can eat carbs) ... fruit ... mushrooms ... peppers ...
carrots ... and more veggies and fruits ...

For protein, 4 Hour Fitness Formula Grocery List lets you eat the foods you crave including fish,
steak, hamburgers, pork chops, chicken, turkey, and cheese. So believe me, you won't starve or
feel hungry.

You also get a second special report, the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Special Recipes Book that will
turn losing weight into a gourmet experience.

On Monday night, you might dig into a flank steak with caramelized onions. If you're craving
pasta, Tuesday night might be penne with broccoli rabe and ricotta. In the mood for fish? Try our
ancho-glazed salmon and sweet potato fries on Wednesday.

The point is: with the 4-Hour Fitness Formula, you'll lose weight without starvation diets. In
fact, we guarantee you'll drop 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks -- or your money back.

We teach you what to eat, and that's half the battle, because when it comes to taking the weight
off, proper diet is half the battle.

But when you add our third special report, the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Exercise Plan, you'll be
off to the races ... and ready to start a unique home workout program: it's fun and varied to do,
and it will get you to sweat, but it won't push you beyond what you are capable of.

Start off slowly, then build up gradually

That's very important. In my work as a fitness training, I always start the student where she is
fitness-wise, giving her a good workout but not more than she can handle.

I do the same thing in my 4-Hour Fitness Formula: we start slow and gradually increase at
YOUR pace -- not mine. That way, at the end of your session, you feel invigorated, not

Now, since I can't come to your home to train you, the 4-Hour Fitness Formula does the next-
best thing: it clearly demonstrates each exercise on video -- which you can watch as many times
as you want online. And with 50 different exercises, you won't be bored by lack of variety.

Whatever part of your body you want to firm, tone, and strengthen, you’ll find
multiple workouts in the 4-Hout Fitness Formula to achieve your goal – and see
actual muscle definition in your arms, legs, glutes, and abs….

For example, are you wide around the hips? We have a simple exercise that gives you a great
core workout and helps shed those love handles fast.

Do you find yourself huffing and puffing from even a little exertion? Here's a workout involving
a simple motion with your knees that helps you build cardio vascular fitness and stamina --
without having to run.

This workout you can do lying down on your side! It helps build glueteus muscle and lift the
posterior for a toned, firm rear.

Not all the workout routines are new. Where they work, we use proven exercises you already
know. For instance, we show you a variation of the good old-fashioned sit-up that builds strength
and sheds flat in the stomach.

Targets your "problem areas" to firm you up fast

You can pick and choose the routines you like best, to target specific areas of your body.

We have a specific, easy-to-do workouts targeting every area of your body and
every physical  improvement you want to make. Including: gaining strength ...
stamina ... weight loss ... back ... shoulders ... belly ... hips ... arms ... glutes
... ankles ... knees ... upper body ... oblique's ... legs ... hamstrings ... and abs.

Best of all, you don't have to lift weights. You don't have to run. You can do this in the privacy
of your home, on your bedroom or living room floor. In nice weather, you can enjoy my 4-Hour
Fitness Formula workout in your back yard.

But I recommend you follow the daily schedules I've created for you in my 4-Hour Fitness
Formula Exercise Plan guidebook. It will give you the most complete and beneficial workout --
toning and strengthening while shedding unwanted pounds.

One of my students, AJ, went from 303 pounds down to 196. It was a Hereculean effort to drop
107 pounds. But he did it.

As you can image, the 4-Hour Fitness Formula totally transformed AJ's life. At over 300 pounds,
he was huffing and puffing, and had trouble walking. Now, at less than 200 pounds, he's the
proper weight for a man his size -- strong, fit, and powerful.

I was carrying an extra 20 pounds, which made me too slow to achieve my dream of playing
professional football.

I went on the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Diet and Workout Plan, quickly dropped 20 pounds, and
achieved my dream of playing defense back in the professional Canadian Football League.

What they say about my Fitness Formula

My students have also achieved extraordinary results following the 4-Hour Fitness Formula....


"I have been training at the gym for years with other individuals on how to work out properly, but I have yet to see results that I have gained through Kris Robertson's online training. My trainer's knowledge and background it second to none and really shows they care about you needs and goals,"

- says Kareem Hamilton

"Kris Robertson has not only pushed me beyond my limits, but he was very patient and knowledgeable, always explaining the how's and why's. I learned a lot more about having a proper diet, and I still live by Kris's guidelines about specific training methods,"

- says Nick Christmas

"It has only been a couple of months and already the weight is starting to drop off. With my trainer on my side I know that I will reach my goal weight in no time,"

- Janice Clarke

Just look at all you get for pennies a day

So let's review what you get when you join the 4-Hour Fitness Formula as a new member....

First, you get unlimited online access to our library of 50 video workouts. You can pay $19.95
for just a single exercise video in a store. But with our introductory new member offer, you get
all 50 video workouts for one low price.

And each video routine is scientifically designed to target a specific area of your body. This
exercise, called burners, firms both your thighs and your core.

Next, we give you the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Exercise Plan that shows you which workouts to
do each day, how many, and in what order. This Plan puts your workouts on "autopilot"
because you don't have to think about what you're doing. Just follow the Plan.

You lose weight by moving -- through exercise -- and by eating right. The 4-Hour Fitness
Formula includes our Grocery List so you put the proper foods in your shopping cart, and the
Recipes Book gives you dozens of easy-to-follow recipes for healthful and delicious meals and
snacks. With the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Recipe Book, you'll never feel hungry or deprived.

But wait. There's more....

Your 4-Hour Fitness Formula also includes a delicious and healthful liver detox. This blend of
juiced fruits and vegetables cleans out your liver while speeding up fat loss.

As a member of the 4-Hour Fitness Formula, you also get unlimited access to the 4-Hour Fitness
Software platform. This powerful software, developed at a cost of over $50,000 is yours to use
free as part of your membership.

The Software offers you two major benefits. First, it gives you a computerized tracking system
so you can measure your progress against your goals, and make any necessary adjustments to
your workout routines or eating plan.

Second, the Software gives you access to the entire FDA database where you can view thousands
of foods and the nutritional breakdown for every single one. Instead of wondering whether there
are too many carbs in a sweet potato, now you can find the answer at the click of a mouse.

Try the 4-Hour Fitness Formula Risk-Free for 2 Full Months on Me

Now, down to brass tacks. What does it cost to join the 4-Hour Fitness Formula?

Your 4-Hour Fitness Formula membership includes unlimited access to the 50 online video
workouts ... the Exercise Plan ... Grocery List ... Recipe Book ... Liver Detox Formula ...
the software platform.

Individually, these elements, if added together, have a value well in excess of $200.

We wanted the formula to be more affordable, so instead we priced the 4-Hour Fitness Formula
at only $77 for unlimited lifetime access.

But if you join us now, through this special online offer, you pay only $47. That's a savings of
$30 off the  list price. For a full year of membership, it works out to less than 13 cents a day.

There's one more thing you need to know about our 4-Hour Fitness Formula, and it's that you
can try the program for the next 60 days absolutely risk-free!

That's right. You can watch all the videos. Do as many of the workouts as you wish. Download
all the guides. Follow the meal plan.

And then, if you have not lost 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks ... or you are unhappy for any other
reason ... just let us know within 60 days.

We'll cancel your access to the videos and software. Refund your money in full. And you can
keep all the PDF guides you downloaded. That way, you risk nothing.

You know that for professional models, actresses, and rock stars, keeping fit and looking good is
practically a full-time job.

But now, you can get fit, trim, and firm ... build energy, stamina, and strength ... and lose the
weight you want to lose, and get the body you want to have ... risk-free with the 4-Hour Fitness
Formula -- without spending your life at the gym.

It's fun. It feels great. It takes only about a half hour a day. And you can do it in the comfort and
privacy of your own home -- now gym, no trainer, no special equipment. Just 13 cents a day.

Get on the 4-Hour Fitness Formula today, and be two dress sizes smaller in only six weeks. Just
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P.S. According to a recent Harris Poll, 3 of the top 5 New Year's resolutions are to lose weight,
exercise, and eat healthier. Now, with the 4-Hour Fitness Formula, you can achieve all 3 goals.
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